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A scenario is a game map with differing terrain and objectives.

Campaign scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Tutorial - Learn the joy of cooking with turnips! Yum, yum!
  • Eden Valley - With the King's Feast fast approaching, local citizens turn to you and your town to help provide the food.
  • Lake Placid - Queen Omnibus has enlisted you to her cause fending off trouble in the East.
  • Rock and Pool - Taking control of one of the Northern border lands, you must help save the kingdom from the Viking threat.

Challenge scenarios[edit | edit source]

  • Swamp Thing - WARNING: This is a DIFFICULT map! You have 12 days to make the best town you can.
  • A Dark Dark Wood - A forest besodden with dirt, grime and muck. Make the best town possible in 15 days.
  • The River Wild - A large river stands in between you and the inhabitants of the road - you'll have to bridge the gap!
  • Desert Island - There is nothing on your humble little sandy island except wood and coconuts aplenty. How will you turn this sunburnt and lonely place into a thriving town?
  • Gold Rush - You can pan for gold in the stream of this dandy little desert, but there are no minable minerals anywhere to be found...