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Buildings are structures used to sell goods, house workers, or perform specific functions.

Types of buildings[edit | edit source]

Dynamic structures[edit | edit source]

Dynamic structures can have variable sizes, depending on how many materials are available and what shape the player draws.

  • Log Cabin - A basic log cabin. Too crude to be inviting enough to run a business in, and can't be built with windows - but easy to make! Costs 8 Logs per square.
  • Wood Building - A building made of cut lumber. Stronger, can be up to 10 squares in size, and can house shops & taverns. Costs 12 Wooden Planks per square plus 1 Door.
  • Stone Building - Now we're talking! A stone building is the best there is - clean, strong, attractive, and can be up to 18 squares in size. Costs 12 Small Stones per square plus 1 Door.
  • Wattle & Daub Building - Wattle & Daub! Now you're talking. Everyone will live the modern style of any building clad in this. Costs 12 Wood Poles, 6 Wax, and 6 Twine per square plus 1 Door.
  • Fence - Fence off an area to create a farm for your farmers to tend - it even keeps your crops safe from those pesky wild rabbits! Costs 3 Wood Poles and 2 Iron Toolbits per square.

Static structures[edit | edit source]

Static structures are of a fixed size and perform a specific task.

  • Town Stockpile - The Town Stockpile is the center of your town. Place it to found your township, or place again to move its position.
  • Fireplace - A nice little cozy fireplace, just right to cook meat on.
  • Well - A well is a constant source of fresh water.
  • Mineshaft - A mineshaft should b placed adjacent to valuable minerals you wish to keep a constant supply of.
  • Windmill - A windmill is a majestic building used to convert wheat into flour. It also makes peasant go "oooh!", which is nice.
  • Sand quarry - Running out of sand? Better dig a sand quarry and make sure you have plenty of buckets!